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Circus Workshop . net is a postcode searchable collection of independant circus skills teachers in the UK who provide circus skills training and circus workshops

Note : we've updated the site with a lot of new programming recently - if things don't work as you'd expect, please let us know.

Choose a Circus Workshop Teacher from Circus Workshop . net

Circus workshop . net was created by Alight Fingers to ensure that people looking for circus workshops in the UK can find quality circus workshop suppliers. It is a free service as we all benefit (ourselves included) from ensuring that the people looking for circus workshops can find a talented local circus skills teacher.

This site was created with an environmental perspective in mind. By grouping together, we can provide quality national coverage, whilst reducing the amount of traveling we each do, and hence the amount of fuel we burn. But that's not the only benefit for the people looking to have a circus skills workshop or circus training at their event.

Quality Circus Workshops

The people who are registered with Circus Workshop . net are small independent traders who will very much value your custom. Think of it as visiting a quality family restaurant, rather than going to a franchise. There's a difference in the level of service when people are working in their own business because they're doing it for the love of it, and they want to keep you happy.

Lower Cost Circus Skills

You deal directly with the people you are hiring, and by helping them lower their costs (they don't have to travel so far), they can pass on the benefit to you.

Helping the Environment

We provide information on the location of the people concerned. By picking someone who's based closer to where you are, you can help reduce the amount of fuel they're burning traveling all around the country.

Peace of Mind

We also note if members have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and CRB checks, but advise that you check this personally.

Also please note, that the Circus Workshop Network is constantly growing. The original members were all invited to join, so we had an idea of the level of quality being offered. It's now a significantly larger group, as we've achieved success and circus workshop providers from all over the country request to join. As such, please make sure that you ask about workshop style and teacher style, so that you get someone who suits you.

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UK Coverage

We currently have members providing circus workshops in Hertfordshire, Glamorgan, Leicestershire, Wiltshire, North Lanarkshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Avon, Devon, Oxfordshire, and Sussex. We think that means that we have most of England, Wales and Scotland covered, but do of course still welcome new members, and would like to hear from anyone offering quality circus workshops in Ireland. To find the circus workshop provider closest to you, please View our Registered Members




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