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About Circus Workshop . net is a portal that allows prospective clients to find people offering quality circus workshops in their local area. was formed by Alight Fingers for two major reasons;

The first reason is for everyone's benefit. From an environmental perspective, it does not make sense for workshop providers in Cornwall to be running circus skills training in Scotland, and vice versa. There can be a lot of traveling involved, and by offering information about where people are based, prospective clients can hire someone from closer to their own region.

If you happen to be based in Lands End, and the only person who fits the bill for you happens to be in John o' Groats, then go for it, but we think that nine times out of ten this won't be the case.

The second reason is for our members benefit. By joining together, we gain national coverage, whilst getting more work in our local area. This means we save money on fuel bills, and spend less time traveling, whilst gaining the attention of far more people.


Finally we would like to point out that can not enter into discussions between members and their clients. This is merely a portal to help to bring the two together for the benefit of both parties. However, if you have any comments about any details about this web site, including members details, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page, and we'll help you as soon as we can.




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