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Types of Circus Workshop

Circus skills workshops can take a number of forms and cover a range of disciplines. When you're looking to hire someone to run a workshop for you, there are a few things you might like to consider:

How formal do you want your Circus Workshop to be ?

Some people like to have formal lessons, where everyone has a go at the same thing, such as a juggling lesson, or a diabolo lesson, at the same time, and the tutor gives formal instructions. This can be good for school type situations or for teamwork exercises where everyone can help everyone else learn as they learn.

Some situations lend themselves towards a more informal structure, or what are often called 'drop in sessions' where the equipment is made available, and people are allowed to try it out as they wish. The tutor will generally be on hand to give juggling tips or balancing lessons, or whatever kind of question you might have, or if people require any other kind of circus skills demonstration. This tends to lend itself more to fetes and parties, where not everyone is going to be around for the whole circus skills workshop.

You can of course run a combination of the two, where people are given some instruction on various circus skills at the start, and then allowed free reign to try learning other circus skills at their leisure.

Most people who run circus skills workshops will happily work with you to ensure that you get the type of circus workshop that is right for you, so have a chat with them and they'll generally be happy to tailor something to your needs.







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