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Circus Workshop . net Postcode Data

The postcode data we use is provided by and New Popular Edition Maps

By using this data we can convert your post code to a grid reference, and then use that information to work out how far you are from each of our members.

However, the information they are collecting is not yet complete, so our data is not always one hundred percent accurate. In cases where we cannot find your exact postcode, we use an appoximation of it, i.e. we may use just 'SG10' as opposed to 'SG10 5DT', or in extreme cases just 'SG'

If you have a GPS system you can help make the data in this project more complete by entering it at either of the above sites. Then sites like this one that try to help the world run a little more smoothly, but don't make huge amounts of cash, will have access to better post code information.

Then we can all find things that bit closer to home a bit more easily. And that can't be a bad thing.



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